Pet Spa Packages

Personalized Dog Grooming Services

If you’ve been searching for a mobile groomer around Huntington, New York, Cold Spring Harbor, East Northport, Lloyd Harbor, Smithtown or anywhere in between, you’ve come to the right place! Posh Pawz Pet Spa is a professional mobile dog groomer that offers a wide range of pet grooming services. From nail filing and shed-less treatments to tooth brushing and dog baths, we provide full-service grooming services in the convenience of your own driveway!

  • Prices are per dog and include travel charges to your area.
  • Prices are only an estimate until we can meet your dog.  Pictures of dog showing coat condition are helpful.  You can text us pictures at 631-553-4994

Bath Only (No-Haircut) Package

What’s Included:

  • Hydro massage bath or hand washing with premium shampoo and conditioner as needed
  • Towel dry and fluff drying
  • Ears cleaned
  • Ear plucking, upon request
  • Pad and foot trim as needed
  • Sanitary clip
  • Bandana
  • Cologne, upon request


  • Anal Gland Expression $15
  • Specialty Shampoo $15
  • Paw & Nose Balm $5
  • Teeth Brushing $10
  • Nail Grinding $15
  • Hair Dyeing Starting at $20

Full Grooming Package

Includes everything in the Mini Spa Package PLUS a full haircut & style.  Breed Specific, Seasonal Cuts, Shave Downs, etc.  (additional fees may apply for matting)

Ruff Pricing

***Prices vary depending on breed type, weight, behavior, and coat conditions. Please call 631-553-4994 for any further questions. Please keep in mind that when giving the price over the phone, it is only an ESTIMATED price. An accurate price will be given once I check the condition of your dog at your grooming appointment.   Pictures help the pricing to be more firm.  You can text them to us.  Thanks!

Grooming Unit Picture

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